Anthony Martinez & Associates
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Unique Litigation Services

  • Advanced Foreclosure Trial Services

    AMA specializes in successful and strategic foreclosure defense strategies. Trial is about knowing the rules of evidence, having a sound strategy to engage the court, understanding procedure, narrowing your issues with surgical precision, adapting on the fly and controlling the room in a professional manner. >>
  • Advanced e-Discovery & Analysis.

    AMA offers a full array of flexible e-discovery solutions that cover all phases of the discovery process, including identification, collection, processing, and document review.  AMA is unique in that our e-discovery services are unlimited and all inclusive in our project pricing and are not fees that are individual, separate and apart. >>
  • Foreclosure Discovery Services.

    Go into trial knowing all the relevant facts. Learn the true life of the loan versus Plaintiff's trial exhibits. Most Servicer witnesses lack personal knowledge. Get the background you need on the corporate witness and dismantle the business records exception rule. Learn how to limit discovery cost and time.>>
  • Advanced Legal Process Outsourcing ("LPO") Services.

    Gain access to the tools and resources that allow you as a small firm or solo practitioner, to compete with foreclosure mill firms or AMLAW 100 firms financial institutions engage. With AMA you don't need the overhead costs of office space, associate attorneys, paralegals or other support staff. >>
  • Case Management & Consulting Services

    Allow AMA professionals to access, retrieve, audit and analyze your litigation case files. AMA's Case Management & Consulting Services give you immediate 24 hour access to all your case files via our state of the art online repository right from your cell phone, tablet or laptop. Be the best by partnering with the best! >>
  • Advanced Legal Research & Strategies

    Stay on top of the latest case law relevant to your case coupled with angled arguments specific to the motion and hearing at hand. AMA is a leader in creative motion drafting and arguments that educate the court and dismantle opposing counsels position. With AMA you know you have a better chance at success.>>

AMA Expertise

AMA Flexible Complex Litigation Services. 

AMA Experts is a Division of Anthony Martinez & Associates, a leading litigation consulting firm. AMA Experts is dedicated specifically to Real Property/Foreclosure Litigation Services. Residential Mortgage Loans sold into the secondary market that were securitized and fractionalized, are more than simple arms length transactions. Most are riddled with undisclosed parties, beneficiaries, documents, false, misleading and fraudulent representations and acts that detrimentally impacted the loan. Learn how AMA can help.
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